What is MWScript?

MWScript is the native scripting language of MoneyWorks. It is baked into MoneyWorks and accessible to all users.

What is MWScript For?

Scripts are used to extend and enhance the functionality of MoneyWorks: automating tasks, running calculations, generating reports, downloading or transmitting data to external sources, adding features to the user interface(UI) and so on.

If you have ever thought that there was some functionality, feature or integration missing from MoneyWorks, there is a resonable chance that you can add or achieve it with MWScript.

MWScript is immensely powerful, yet extremely approachable: The language itself is comparatively simple and scripts can be composed, tested and deployed quickly and easily from within the MoneyWorks script editor.

MoneyWorks has a large number of native functions, which will be familiar to anyone who has used the report writer and which arere available within MWScript.

Who is this Website For?

While some prior knowledge of scripting / coding will be an advantage, the examples included here are sufficiently simple to allow almost anyone to take advantage of the power and flexibility of MoneyWorks + MWScript.

What does this Site Cover?

This site and the video tutorials provide an introduction to MWScript and some examples of its application. The emphasis is on practical uses rather than on the usual “foo, bar” gibberish.

This is by no means a definitive text. You will find a comprehensive reference within the Moneyworks Manual (online here and in MoneyWorks itself under the Help menu). Contextual help is also available from within the MWScript editor using Help > Help on this….


As a long-time user of MoneyWorks - and one familiar with a number other accounting platforms - I am always discovering new capabilities and applications through MWScript.

I am delighted to share some of the more generally applicable scripts here and I encourage you to explore its possibilities - and to share your discoveries.

Alex Webster

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